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Interest rates and loan programs are ever changing. Reach out to a Loan Officer to see if a refinance is a profitable financial step for you.

A refinance is simply a revision of your current mortgage loan – usually for the reason of lowering your interest rate or monthly payment. Because this Greenville, SC area is growing and changing rapidly, a refinance may be in your best interest.

It is very possible that the property value of your current home has increased, and a refinance would be prudent for you to lower your interest rate and monthly payment.

Or it may be that you have a project or situation that will require a cash-out refinance, and utilize some of the developed equity that your home has already acquired. Or quite possibly, your current credit situation has changed since taking out your first mortgage loan, and now conditions are favorable for you to refinance. And sometimes, different changes within a family situation or individual finances may require a refinance on your mortgage. These are all great options that we can help you with. There are many reasons why a refinance would be a helpful and wise next step as you consider your mortgage loan goals and future. Typically, a refinance would require an appraisal of your current home to determine what the current market value is. And based on this appraisal, we can determine what changes will be included in the refinancing. You can always call one of our loan officers to discuss your specific situation, to see if a refinance might be a good fit for you – and this consultation is always free. We don’t have a phone service that screens our calls, so you will get right through to an actual person and get an expert answer your questions.

If you need help refinancing your investment properties or second home, we can help you with this too. Just call or email and we can talk with you through the various details and specific circumstances. No situation is the same, and our expert Loan Officers can help you with your various housing needs.