Zeke is a Greenvillian through and through. Born and raised in the upstate, he has spent the last 45 years in the greater Greenville area. As a 2004 graduate of Clemson University, it was quickly apparent after college that he would continue to live and work in his home town. Zeke has the unique ability to connect on a more personal level with his clients, recognizing that each home buying experience often parallels significant milestones in life. He wants buying a home to be much more personal than typical corporate or internet banking experience, where buying a home entails communication with a faceless entity on the other end of a 1-800 number. Zeke is committed to ushering the borrower from the contract to the closing table personally; realizing that this, at times, takes some night and weekend phone calls or meetings. He is committed to the process.

Personally, Zeke enjoys all things Clemson. Most fall weekends are spent grilling out with friends around a television set or tailgating and catching the game in Death Valley. His wife of 25 years, Beth, remarks every fall, “we now interrupt this marriage to bring you football season.” At least he is consistent! Zeke also enjoys playing guitar and singing in a local church, mountain biking, woodworking, and hand crafted coffee.

If you appreciate that personalized, boutique touch for your real estate needs, get in touch with Zeke via telephone, text, or email.

O: 864.516.1376
C: 864.630.8245
F: 864.244.5718