Life has always been pretty fast paced for me as the 6th child out of 8 boys. Growing up on a farm meant there was always something to do. Mornings start early, and evenings run later than one might like.  Whether it’s clearing land for pasture, mucking horse stalls, or caring for farm animals—being on the go is what I do best.  

I have always felt a draw to real estate.  From a young age, I helped my father in his thriving property management business.  Whether in a project management role or in a hands-on renovation, I have been around the business for the last 8 years. Over time, I have grown to appreciate that my real passion is in relationships.  I thrive on seeing lenders, borrowers, and real estate professionals work in true harmony to get deals done smoothly and on time.

I graduated from North Greenville University’s Business Administration program with concentrations in both accounting and finance. In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball in a local rec league, horseback riding, fishing, and all things outdoorsman.

C: 864.915.4113
F: 864.244.5718