Apply For a Loan

New home construction is quite the involved process.

Our Loan Officers have ample experience and can help you with pre-qualifying for a construction loan. Greenville, SC county (and the surrounding counties too!) are bursting with new construction projects popping up all around. It’s an exciting time to be in Greenville! Construction loans are a good option if you already have land and are looking to build on it – or you may be working with a developer or builder and looking for some different options. But whatever your situation is, it is certain that it is individual and unique, and needs a custom fit mortgage. Our application process is easy to understand and complete. In an initial application process with one of our Loan Officers, you can expect for us to review your debt-to-income ratio and discuss your current financial situation. We’ll help you to set up a timeline as to when and how funds will be distributed throughout the building process. The lenders and builders will typically work closely together to ensure a timely and smooth process.

Even if you don’t yet have a lot or land yet to build on, you can still ask us to consult with you on a construction loan. Call us at any time for a free consultation!